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Martin Drew

Martin was born 11 February 1944, in Northampton, England, and started to play the drums when he was six years old. He played his first professional engagement at thirteen. Studying with the late George Fierstone gave Martin a solid musical and technical background that has proved to be invaluable over the years.

He is recognised as a dedicated, travelled, experienced and respected musician, having played with, been requested by, and constantly in demand to play with many of the world's greatest musicians. Martin has had a wealth of experience, natural ability, a fine technique and the ability to adapt and fit into many different kinds of playing situations. He has been playing for over 40 years, won many awards, and has entries in various books and encyclopaedias all over the world. Martin's track record is one to be proud of and says more about his career than he could ever say himself.

He played with the late, great Ronnie Scott for twenty years, from 1975 to 1995. Over the years, with Ronnie's various bands, and numerous other groups, Martin has performed countless engagements, and continues to perform, at the world famous Ronnie Scott's Club's, in London, England.

Since 1974, Martin has been touring and recording all over the world with the legendary Oscar Peterson, who recently passed away.

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