The Best In British Jazz

Seven Ages of Jazz

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Recorded Eastcote Studios, West London 2006

Seven Ages of Jazz

Alan Barnes and Alan Plater

  1. 1. Jazz Arrives At The Hammersmith Palais (Barnes/Plater) listen
  2. 2. My Boy Nat (Barnes/Plater) listen
  3. 3. White Suburban Blues (Barnes/Plater) listen
  4. 4. Hot Solos (Barnes/Plater) listen
  5. 5. Peg-Leg (Barnes/Plater) listen
  6. 6. Geraldo's Navy (Barnes/Plater) listen
  7. 7. Stan The Man (Barnes/Plater) listen
  8. 8. I'm Still Playing Cherokee (Barnes/Plater) listen
  9. 9. Five/Four (Barnes/Plater) listen
  10. 10.There Is Music At The Bottom Of..... (Barnes/Plater) listen
  11. 11.A Modern Jazz Saxophonist (Barnes/Plater) listen
  12. 12.Almost Time To Go Home (Barnes/Plater) listen


Seven Ages of Jazz is a history of the music we love as it's been played, enjoyed, abused, neglected, distorted and/or corrupted (take your pick) in this country from A.D. 1919 to the present day. Our version of the truth is partial and prejudiced- that's what makes it proper history. The second collaboration between multi-award-winning jazz musician and composer Alan Barnes and multi-award-winning playwright and jazz freak Alan Plater.


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